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明日香(Souryu Asuka Langley)






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Asuka Langley Sohryu
(Second Children)

</P>Age: 14
Sex: female
Blood type: O
Position: Pilot von Evangelion Unit 2
First appearance: Episode 8 (Asuka Strikes)
jap. voiceactor: Miyamura Yuuko <P>Asuka surely is the most aggressive and determined of all pilots. She seems to burst from self-consciousness. She's the absolute contrary to Shinji. Nevertheless Misato accepted her to live at her house together with Shinji. As the plot advanced, it gets clear that the offensive habits of Asuka is only a fassade and that deep inside, she's just as unsure and fearsome as Shinji. She just doesn't show it to the outside.
She's one qarter japanese and three quarters german and was born in the USA. She came to japan together with Kaji and her Evangelion Unit 2. She's got a crush on Kaji and would love to be his girlfriend but for him she's still alittle girl. She's very intelligent, hyper, offensive, highly motivated and hates to loose against anyone.
Asuka's mother was working for NERV-1als a test pilot. She commited suicide after she lost her sense during a test-phase. Asuka has been 5 years old back then as she found her dead. She was just about to tell her that she got accepted as pilot for EVA-2. </P>
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(SOURYU ASUKA LANGLEY)年龄14岁。Evangelion二号机的驾驶员,第二个同频者。她在美国长大,身上却有四分之三的德国裔和四分之一的日本裔血统。平时虽然也和真嗣一同上学,但是个在德国已经上到大学的天才少女。她的自信与高傲与真嗣,丽他们形成鲜明的对比,是那种可爱但无法接近的女孩。她的母亲也是NERV的研究者,为了研究使Evangelion和驾驶员达成精神同步的方法而以自己做实验,结果却受到精神污染,差一点连年幼的明日香一起自杀。这段极不愉快的记忆,一直藏在她心里的深处,和真嗣一样,她也是个试图把往事锁起来的人。在故事结尾部分因作战失利遭受使徒的精神攻击致使精神崩溃,延续至剧场版中才得以恢复。她最著名的台词是“あんたバカ?” </P>
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<P>再次不厚道的转贴,转自Asuka.nu(我也不知道这是哪个国家的……偶会翻译的……):</P><P>ASUKA; The red girl
<B>Full Name:</B> Sohryu Asuka Langley
<B>Birthdate:</B> December 4th, 2001
<B>Age:</B> 14
<B>Blood Type:</B> O
<B>Hair Color:</B> Red
<B>Eye Color:</B> Navy Blue
<B>Love:</B> Shinji Ikari (crushes on Kaji Ryouji)
<B>Family:</B> Kyoko Zepplin Sohryu (Mother - Deceased), ??? Langley (Father)
<B>Ethnicity:</B> 1/4 Japanese; 3/4 German
<B>Favorite Color:</B> Red
<B>Talents:</B> Piloting, violin, and basically everything
<B>Child:</B> Second Child
<B>Eva Unit:</B> Nigouki (Unit 02)
<B>Started piloting @ age:</B> 7
<B>Education:</B> College graduate at age 14
<B>NERV:</B> Used to work at NERV in Germany, now in NERV HQ Tokyo-3

<B>SCAN;</B> Brief Look
Asuka Langley, at first glance, might come off as a very pushy, conceited, boastful girl with a major superiority complex..however, she's much more than that. There's a reason for it all. Many confusing as well as shocking things have happened to Asuka as a child. Her mother died at a very young age and her father abandoned her. All this convinced her that she had to succeed in everything. At the age of 14, she had already graduated from college. She speaks fluent German as well as Japanese, however does poorly in class due to not being able to read Kanji characters. Asuka often pushes around Shinji, her love and yet archenemy. Jealousy rages in her blood whenever he is praised because his piloting talent is so natural, where as Asuka's is pure effort and hardwork. Later in EVA, we see her synch ratio drop, along with self esteem and Asuka's life slowly spirals down.
</P>Read More?<P>
<B>Everything I touch turns to stone.</B> Asuka never really had a child hood. In her early years, her father had abandoned her mother, Kyoko Zepplin Sohryu, and Asuka. Asuka loved her mother dearly, however was jilted by her. Her mother had gone insane due to an accident with EVA Unit 02. She thought that Asuka was a doll and refered to the real Asuka as "the girl over there." This made Asuka hate dolls and feel very small and lonely. She figured that she needed to better herself and make everyone recognize her to make up for the love that was never there.

<B>I am glued. Just incase I crack out.</B> After being picked by the Marduk System, an excited 8 year old Asuka runs home to tell her mother. Upon opening the door, she sees her mother hanging from the ceiling with a rope around her neck. Asuka was crushed. "I don't like her." were the words that her step mother uttered to Asuka at her mother's funeral. That was the last time she cried. She made a promise never to cry again. From there, she went on to be a very successful pilot and student, winning the hearts of many boys but crushing them.

<B>I am fused. Just incase I blow out.</B> Asuka grew up too fast. This is why she likes Kaji. She believes that she's more mature than she is. She believes she's a woman, when in reality she's just a child. Everything in her life happened so fast. A pilot at age 7, a college graduate at age 13. Also, the fact that she constantly has to go to NERV to train and pilot takes Asuka away from people her own age. It made her special. When she moved to Japan, she felt threatened. No longer was she an exclusive top pilot but now she was replaceable. It made her hate Rei and Shinji.

<B>In my mind and nailed to my heels..</B> In episode 16, Asuka's harmonics drops slightly below Shinji's. It gets worse in episode 22 when her synch ratio drastically changes. Before all this, she was saved by Shinji when the fifteenth angel attacked. Although her synch ratio is extremely low, Asuka tries to regain confidence and takes up the job of destroying angel fifteen. Unfortunately, as she was going to attack, the angel rapes her mind, driving her insane and cripling Unit 02. Now with all this on her head, Asuka goes into a depression and her mother's suicide haunts her. She had failed. NERV sends her to the hospital to treat her depression and replaces her with Kaoru Nagisa.

<B>DECEMBER 4TH, 2001;</B> Birthdate
Usually, I think these sections are sort of silly but I decided to include this to help you better understand Asuka's character. I have bold faced the words/phrases that I felt best fit Asuka.

</P><B><I>Positive Traits</I></B>
<B>Optimistic and freedom-loving</B>
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and <B>straightforward</B>
<B>Intellectual</B> and philosophical
<B><I>Negative Traits</I></B>
Blindly optimistic and careless
Irresponsible and superficial
<B>Tactless</B> and restless
Getting to the heart of the matter
Laws and meanings
The general 'feel' of things
Off the wall theories
Being tied down domestically
<B>Being constrained</B>
<B>Cooling your heels</B>
Bothered with details
Sagittarians have a positive outlook on life, are full of enterprise, <B>energy</B>, <B>versatility</B>, <B>adventurousness</B> and <B><I>eagerness to extend experience beyond the physically familiar</I></B>. They enjoy travelling and exploration, the more so because their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thought. They are basically <B>ambitious</B> and optimistic, and continue to be so even when <B>their hopes are dashed</B>. Their strongly idealistic natures can also suffer many disappointments without being affected. They are <B>honorable</B>, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere, with a <B>passion for justice</B>. They are usually on the side of the underdog in society they will fight for any cause they believe to be just, and are prepared to be rebellious. They balance loyalty with <B>independence</B>. Sagittarians are ardent, <B>sincere</B> and <B>straightforward</B> in love, normally conventional and in control of their sexual natures. Yet if thwarted, they may easily allow their failure to embitter their whole lives or they may revenge themselves upon the <I>opposite sex by becoming cynically promiscuous</I>.</P>From Astrology-online.com<P><B>ASUKA STRIKES;</B> Episode 8 - Meeting Asuka!
We don't meet Asuka until episode 8 titled "Asuka Strikes". In this episode, Misato Katsuragi, a NERV employee, announces to Shinji and Rei that they will be piloting with the famous Second Child, who has killed 8 angels on her own already. The three go to meet Asuka and have lunch. When first meeting Asuka, she immediately criticizes Shinji, not impressed at his scrawny boy appearance. Later, an Angel (Gaghiel) attacks and Asuka decides to use this opportunity to show off to Shinji so the both go and change into plug suits. (Only Asuka had her's there so Shinji had to wear her's!) The two hopped into the entry plug and defeated the angel together. At the end of the episode, Asuka moves into her new home with Misato and Shinji, causing a lot more trouble.

<B>ASUKA COMES TO JAPAN;</B> Manga Volume 4 - Meeting Asuka!
I absolutely adore the manga for Evangelion. It's slightly different from the anime and gives a nice look into what the characters are thinking and feeling. The manga starts out with Rei, Shinji and Misato viewing footage of Eva Unit 02 and Asuka in action. Shinji's very amazed and excited that he's able to meet the Second Child.

School lets out that day and Shinji is found walking around with his friends Kensuke and Touji. The three pass by an arcade and see Asuka standing infront of a UFO Catcher. Touji and Kensuke make perverted comments on Asuka's sexy appearance while Shinji stares. Asuka, failing to pick up the UFO doll, kicks the machine and is called out by the arcade manager. Asuka throws a show and fights off the manager and a few other guys. She threatens to beat up Touji, Kensuke and Shinji as well. The three walk off, complaining about her personality. That evening, Shinji reports to NERV HQ and finds out that the girl he saw earlier today was in fact the Second Child.

Gaghiel is not shown attacking. Instead Israfel (Angel from Episode 9) attacks. Asuka decides to use this chance to show off to Shinji. She slices the angel in half with Eva Unit 02's progressive knife, however the Angel regenerates into two. Misato and Ritsuko figure out a plan that requires Asuka and Shinji to dance in a synchronized manner to destroy the angel. However, to do that, they must do everything together, and isolated from everyone else. During this time, Shinji learns a lot more about Asuka's past and when he asks her about her parents, she tells him that she was a test tube baby, born from a sperm from a genius doctor. He asks her if she ever gets lonely and she explains that as long as people acknowledge her accomplishments, she is happy. The two decide to call it a night. While she's sleeping, she mumbles "mommy".

<I>"She fooled me with her arrogance. But it crossed my mind just then..that maybe Asuka is a normal girl afterall."</I></P><P>The manga closes with Asuka and Shinji defeating the Israfel angel(s) and collapsing on top of each other due to exhaustion.</P>
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<P>偶要把Asuka.nu的内容全搬过来了阿……(偶真的会翻译的……):</P><P>ASUKA; Past, Present, Future
<B>I hate dolls.</B> Her mother, Kyoko Zepplin Sohryu, was a technician engineer and a test pilot during the early production days of Eva. At the time, she was working on Unit 02. Unfortunately, in 2004 while test piloting Unit 02, she went insane. NERV sent her to the hospital to treat her insanity. Asuka was barely 4 years old at the time and was already denied of love and affection from her mother. Since the entry plug accident, her mother has went into her own world and believed that a toy doll was her daughter. Kyoko would refer to Asuka as "the girl over there" and craddle the doll, giving it a lot of affection and care. Being only four, Asuka didn't know what had happened. All she knew was she wasn't worth as much as that doll.

<B>She meant well.</B> Kyoko was only trying to do was make up for neglecting Asuka a few years ago. Kyoko was always working at NERV and never had the time to spend with her daughter. After Kyoko went insane, Asuka's father remarried leaving Asuka crushed and her mother behind. A few years later, Asuka was chosen as the Second Child. She ran home as fast as she could and she was smiling all the way. She had to tell her mom, imagine how proud she would be! When she swung open the door the smile on her face disapeared. Her mother was hanging by the neck from the ceiling. She had commited suicide. The doll that she used to think was Asuka had it's head torn off.

<B>Lover I don't have to love.</B> Asuka's tragic childhood memories would change her life forever. After her mother's death, she went to live with her father and her step mother. However, her step mother rejected her because she felt that Asuka acted too mature and stuck-up for her age. She promised herself that she would never cry again and that she would be the best at everything. Asuka eventually graduated from college in Germany and later moved to the United States and soon developed a crush on her superior, Ryouji Kaji. It would never work out, however. Kaji is twice her age and still in love with his ex girlfriend, Katsuragi Misato. Asuka only chose to love him, or convinced herself to because she was so mature and didn't think boys her age would match her. However, she was using it to hide her true feelings for Shinji Ikari.

<B>Don't infect me with your poison.</B> Asuka's harmonics test scores begin to drop a little below Shinji's and eventually hits rock bottom later, however when Arael, the fifteenth angel, appeared, Asuka volunteers to take it out in hopes to regain her confidence as well as her synch ratio. The Angel tracks down Unit 02 and Unit 00 and this time they're in trouble. Gendou holds back Unit 01, making NERV employees wonder why. Unfortunately, Arael mind-rapes her and forces her to look back at all the painful memories she had tried to hide over the years. Asuka gets flashbacks of her mother's suicide and begs the angel to stop. It also cripled Unit 02. Depressed and angry, she went to live with her friend, Hikari, but was found naked in a bathtub in Tokyo-2, hoping to die. Asuka, luckily, was found by NERV agents and taken to NERV hospital to treat her depression. She was replaced imediately by the Fifth Child, Nagisa Kaoru. (He's even assigned to pilot her precious Unit 02!)

Double Suicide
From Asuka's "Mind Rape"
<B>The world comes tumbling down..</B> In Death: Rebirth, Asuka is forced to go into her Eva to avoid death. The Eva is launched into a lake for protection. She sits there, hugs her knees and cries. Unfortunately, she's given no time alone. Eva Units 05-13 are sent by SELEE to destroy Asuka and NERV. Asuka discovers a new meaning for AT Field. Not only is it a shielding technology, but it comes from the very soul of the Eva. Inside Unit 02 is her mother, Kyoko Zepplin Sohryu. At last, she has her mother with her, protecting <I>her</I> and not a doll. With her new found confidence and piloting ability back, Asuka destroys units 5-13 in a mere 28 seconds. However, the Human Instrumentality Plan was to take place so the Eva Series reactivated and destroyed Unit 02 as well as Asuka..or did they?

Later, in The End of Evangelion, Shinji goes into depression stages and tries to figure out what a perfect world would be for him. He decides that he doesn't want to live in a world where he doesn't exist and bursts out of Lilith (He was in her to create the Third Impact) and is washed up on the shores of the Dead Sea. He wakes up and finds Asuka by his side. They're the only two there.

<B>DID SHE DIE?;</B> We are accidents waiting to happen
I don't think Asuka died when the Eva units pierced through her Eva. Although her synch ratio was perfect with her Eva at the time, it probably just sent her into a state of insanity and gave her a few wounds (which is why she is shown bandaged up at the end of End of Eva), similar to what Shinji went through in End of Evangelion. I think she was also given the option to choose between a world where no one existed or the real world with real happiness and real pain. To live in the world where no one exists, she would have to give into all her desires and die. Instead, she chose the real world, along with Shinji, hence them ending up together on the same shore. Instead of yelling at him, she touches him softly. Even as he chokes her, she reaches up and he stops. Perhaps she has finally gotten over all her pain and anger enough to admit her true feelings to him.

However, that's just my interpretation. There are many different ways to intepret the ending. Some people say she died along with her EVA (which I disagree because she's not apart of the EVA, but merely sitting in the cock pit. When the spear was thrown, it pierced through the EVA, not her.)

</P><I>"Kimochi warui... (I feel sick.)"</I> - Asuka's last words in the film
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<P>Asuka.nu这个网站实在太好了……远在另一个世界的人,也感受到了同样的感情……:</P><P>RELATIONSHIPS; The people around her
<B>Ikari Shinji;</B> Spineless hero
It's a big love hate relationship between Shinji and Asuka. I believe that Asuka truly admires Shinji for all he's done. He is a very modest person, keeps up in school, is extremely nice to everyone and has a kind heart. However, there are some reasons why she hates him. He can pilot Eva with ease, where as she has to put in a lot of effort. He's spineless and insecure. Those are things she cannot stand. Weakness. She hates it. So why would she even love him? The thing about Shinji is that once he's certain and set on one thing, he'll pull through. For example, the many times he's disobeyed Misato's orders to destroy Angels. It's the passion, the spontaneous behavior and the piloting skills that she admires; everything just comes naturally. It's something that Asuka doesn't have. Something she wishes she had. Something she envies and something she loves.

A lot of people don't think Shinji and Asuka belong, but I think they're perfect for each other. They both have something the other lacks. Asuka desires what Shinji has (see above) and Shinji, is driven by Asuka. She pushes him to be better, to keep trying, to stop being a spineless boy and stand up for what he believes in. Both Shinji and Asuka's personalities are able to support each other thats why there's some sort of connection. Speaking of connection, both their pasts are strangely similar. Shinji lost his mom at a young age and was abandoned by his father, forced to live with his Aunt who sent him to a boarding school. Asuka lost her mother at a very young age and was also abandoned by her father. Both were forced to grow up fast and both their mother's souls are encased within their Evas. Just face it, they were meant for each other. This is an irrefutable argument. ;)

<B>Ayanami Rei;</B> Wonder girl doll
Asuka despises Rei, plain and simple. She loathes her. Rei is the bane of her life simply because Rei is a doll. She follows all of Gendo's orders. She doesn't have feelings, no opinions, nothing. Whenever Asuka looks over at Rei, she sees a doll. That same doll that her mother loved over her and it sickens her. Rei brings back a lot of painful memories. It also sickens her to see people following other people. Doing what others do, being spineless.

<B>Horaki Hikari;</B> Class rep and best friend
Although Hikari isn't in a lot of the series, she's in it enough so that we know that Asuka and her are best friends. Before meeting Asuka, she was very strict and dedicated to her job as the class representative. After befriending Asuka, Hikari loosens up and even tells Asuka about her crush on Touji. She often bothers Asuka about talking to him for her, it's cute/funny. Asuka is usually there to give Hikari support through pep talks. Hikari and Touji, on the other hand, just tease Asuka and Shinji about sounding like a couple. Haha.

<B>Aida Kensuke + Suzuhara Touji;</B> Two of the three stooges
When Kensuke and Touji first meet Asuka, they look at her as a real "babe." When Asuka first met Touji, her dress flew up because the wind blew hard and he saw her underwear. She said there was a fee for that and he repayed her by pulling his pants down. Haha. On her first day of school, Kensuke and Touji were excited and wanted to buy photos of her some guy sold. However, after getting to know her, they both were pretty scared although, they talk to her sometimes. Kensuke and Touji are often at Misato's house for dinner/celebrations.

<B>Katsuragi Misato;</B> Drunken guardian
Despite the jealousy Asuka harbors because Misato and Kaji are still in love, they get along sometimes. In episode 10, there's a scene where Asuka and Misato are relaxing in a hot spring. Asuka sees a scar across her chest and asks Misato about it. Misato tells her a little about her past and the two form a bond. Although Asuka sees that Misato has many faults and flaws, she respects her as a guardian and as a woman because she obeys Misato.

<B>Ryouji Kaji;</B> False love
Kaji is Asuka's love, or so she tries to convince herself. Because Asuka never really had a childhood, she grew up believing she was already a woman and thought that Kaji was the perfect man for her. In his eyes, she is nothing but a mere child. She tries to jump on him but he never responds, which frustrates her. Deep down, I believe that she doesn't really love him but she loves Shinji. He's what she really wants, but because she's so jealous of his abilities and the fact that he's her age, she tries to convince herself to like Kaji. He's more like a distraction as well as more fitting for her mature woman self. Something she just wants to believe she is, but really isn't.</P>
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<P>嗯嗯……唔唔…………:</P><P>NAME ANALYSIS; What's in a name?
The kanji (Chinese character) for Asuka is written several ways and dates some 3000 - 4000 years ago. It's written with two characters, one meaning "to fly" and the other meaning "bird." Some say it's derived from "of flying bird." (tobu tori no) Some say it was derived from a the shucho bird.

In Japan, there was a period of time which people now call the "Asuka Period." The Asuka Period started towards the end of the 6th century and lasted about 100 years. During this time, art and architecture thrived and Japan's capital was in the Asuka region. The location of the capital changed when the emperor changed. The first imperial system of government as well as the first constitution took place during the Asuka period. Later in the Asuka period, currency was issued and architecture and art were making major advances. It was a very successful time for Japan. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and when the capital moved to an area under Emperess Genmei, the Asuka period ended.
</P>Read More?<P>
So how does all this relate to Asuka? Well, the Asuka Period was a very successful time and Asuka is a very successful person (well, before she fell apart..) so there are similarities. It's literal meaning "to fly" and "bird" are both signs of being up high. Birds are very free creatures, able to go anywhere and fly. I think that best matches Asuka because she was able to do anything she wanted and she was looked upon so highly for her achievements.

As much as I don't like using name analyzers, I put this here for reference. The name of Asuka brings opportunities for success in business and financial accumulation. It fires you with ambition and promotional ideas, ideas that are original, progressive, and large-scale. With this name, success to you is a foregone conclusion, for you cannot conceive any reason for not reaching all your goals, as you have self-sufficiency, supreme confidence, boundless energy, and enthusiasm. As long as you have a sense of freedom from monotony and drudgery, and can see progress being made, you feel buoyant and optimistic. However, obstacles and frustration can give rise to feelings of impatience, intolerance, and depression. The ever-present desire to progress does not allow you proper relaxation or the proper expression of the softer feminine qualities of sympathy, encouragement, and affection. Others see you as rather shrewd and calculating. Your intense, restless nature can bring on tension which affects the solar plexus and digestion, or the female organs.
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<P>APPEARANCE; Asuka's clothing
A look at all of what Asuka wears. Click on the images for a large picture with descriptions.

This is Asuka's plug suit which is colored in a proud RED. The suit goes from neck to feet and is made out materials which appear to be similar to a wet suit. On the girl's plug suits are two black stripes going down on each leg. Once the pilot puts it on and presses a button at the wrist, the suit becomes skin tight. Pilots wear this suit so that it doesn't get caught onto any control in the cockpit and because it enhances the synch ratio with the Unit. The plug suit also is equipped with a life support system of 18 hours should the pilot be trapped inside the EVA. In episode 10, Magma Diver, Asuka is given a special suit which was inflated to a very large size because her Eva had to go into lava. View concept art?

The school uniform Asuka wears is a little different from the typical Japanese uniform. It's a simple blue/green v-neck jumper/dress. She wears a white short sleeved blouse on the inside and finishes it off with a red bow. Asuka wears a red wrist watch and black shoes with high white socks that have a red stripe across it. There's a similar uniform like this available on this website. View concept art?

We first see Asuka in this dress in episode 8, "Asuka Strikes Back!" There's nothing much about it except that it's yellow and that she wears the straps by tying them at the shoulders. In that episode, her dress flies up and Touji sees her underwear. She demands a peeping fee and so he pulls down his pants! Haha.. View concept art?

These are just other outfits she wears in the series. When she's not in her plug suit, she's in her large yellow shirt and grey/blue pants pajamas. In magma diver, she wears a red and white striped swimsuit. View concept art?

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<P>[em04]</P><P>COLOR RED; The color Rei hates
There's only one color Asuka can be matched with and that color is <B>Red</B>. There's no other color that would fit her. Asuka is a very <B>proud</B> and <B>passionate</B> person with an almost unstoppable drive. A <B>vehement</B> red head <B>stubborn</B> little girl, but just as her drive is strong, her defeat is <B>bitter</B>. She can't take defeat. In episode 22, we see her in a hospital being treated for depression. Her spirit had <B>died</B>. This can be represented with the color red also, the color of <B>blood</B>. Below I have taken the color red and disected it.

Alarm. Ambition. Hate. Passion. Strong willed. Unstoppable. Sex. Wisdom. Life. Hyper. Dedication. Blood. Bitter. Anger. Fire. Proud. Honorable. Cynical. Tragic. Warm. Love. Mother. Girl. Stop. Religious. Energy. Fragile. Failure. Hurtful. Threatening. Rush. Explosion. Haste.

<B>ANALYSIS;</B> Dive into the red
Red is the one color that the eye cannot ignore. It's also a color that we see everywhere. It's the dominant color in the human body, it's the color of teachers use to mark up papers, the color in stop lights, signs, etc. Red, in my opinion, is commonly associated with (emotionally wise) passion/love or anger, which are two things that Asuka most definately has. Usually, people with this kind of personality have very short patience and often are hastey. They are also usually extremely intolerant and have short tempers. Symbolically, red is associated with life. We can see it on famous symbols like the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Ironically, it's also used as a warning when life is threatened。</P>
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<P>SEIYUU; voice actresses
<B>JAPANESE;</B> anta baka?!
<B>Name:</B> Miyamura Yuko
<B>Birthdate:</B> December 4th, 1972
<B>Birthplace:</B> Hyougo
<B>Blood Type:</B> O
<B>Height:</B> 157 cm
<B>Voice Sample:</B> Click!

Miyamura Yuko has been in many anime as well as dramas/television shows and even has made many cds. While doing Asuka's voice, she actually took German night classes and learnt the language. Yuko usually does the voice of tomboy/outspoken type of girls. Her voice was the first I heard because I only watched EVA in Japanese. (I never watch anything dubbed.) I think her voice is perfect for Asuka because it's not a soft/sweet voice but a blunt/outspoken type. She plays out Asuka's parts perfectly, even the German! (Thanks to Jess for some info!)

<B>ENGLISH;</B> are you stupid?!
<B>Name:</B> Tiffany Grant
<B>Birthday/Sign:</B> October 11 ~ Libra/Monkey
<B>Favorite Color:</B> Purple
<B>Favorite Food:</B> Thai
<B>Pets:</B> Two cats: Momiji and Kusanagi
<B>Husband:</B> Married very happily to Matt Greenfield (3-8-03)
<B>Measurements:</B> Not telling!
<B>Voice Sample:</B> Click!
<B>More Information:</B> Profile info/sample came from here. Click there to read more.

I haven't really watched the English EVA because I really don't like dubbed. From the clips I heard, I thought Mrs. Grant's voice didn't match Asuka that well. She had a bit of a Southern accent which is really odd because Asuka is German/Japanese, however I thought she acted the parts out well, her voice wasn't monotone and out of dialogue.
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<P>关于2号机:</P><P>EVA UNIT 02; Nigouki/Nigoki
<B>EVANGELION UNIT 02: Final Production Model.</B> Asuka's pride and love is this unit. It's the first one built for real combat and is equipped with a cutter type progressive knife. The color of the EVA is RED and it's also the first Eva to contain four "eyes". The EVA also has many language programs to fit each pilot's need. Asuka usually uses German, but she switched to Japanese once she arrived in Tokyo-3. The Unit was made in Japan, however final production took place in Germany.

The progressive knife is a basic weapon that EVAs use. It's a blade with high frequency particles that cuts through the object on a molecular level. EVA Unit 02's knife is stored in the left shoulder. This particular knife is new and exclusive only to the final production series. The cutter knife is very useful because even if the blade breaks, another blade will pop out at the push of a button, rendering the knife useful once more.

<B>PARTS TO EVA;</B> Plug suit, entry plug, etc
These are some items that Asuka uses while piloting.
<B>L.C.L.</B> aka Link Connected Liquid is the fluid that floats around in the entry plug of the Evangelion. The liquid is a yellow/orange color, is sticky and smells like blood. When electrically charged, it's able to provide a stronger link between the pilot and the EVA as well as supply oxygen and protection from combat. L.C.L. is also found in the Central Dogma of NERV along with Lilith. My theory about L.C.L. is that it's similar to the liquid in the mother's womb, which is why the pilots can breathe and why it smells like blood. L.C.L. is nicknamed "the soup of life."

<B>Entry Plug</B> is the capsule shaped cockpit of the Evangelion Unit. Pilots board the EVA through here and it is inserted in back of the EVA's neck. The plug is equipped with a parachute and a rocket in case there is a need to evacuate the EVA.

<B>Plug Suit</B> is worn when in the EVA. The suit goes from neck to feet and is made out materials which appear to be similar to a wet suit. Once the pilot puts it on and presses a button at the wrist, the suit becomes skin tight. Pilots wear this suit so that it doesn't get caught onto any control in the cockpit and because it enhances the synch ratio with the Unit. The plug suit also is equipped with a life support system of 18 hours should the pilot be trapped inside the EVA.

<B>Communicators</B> are those two small dome like hair pins that Asuka wears. She uses them as hair pins and wears them all the time. They actually serve as a mean of communication between the pilot and NERV.

As described in the Past, Present, Future section, Asuka's mother's soul is in the EVA. Sohryu Kyoko Zeppelin was a technician and test pilot for UNIT 02. While running a test, she had a mental breakdown within the Unit and her soul was some how sucked into the EVA. In real life, Kyoko went insane and eventually committed suicide. Asuka didn't know about her mother's soul being in the Unit until End of Evangelion. By then Asuka had lost confidence in herself and had gone into depression. It wasn't until she was forced to pilot again that she find out that her EVA's AT Field was actually the soul of the Unit as well as her mother's.

I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy VII. It was the first Final Fantasy I played! While replaying it again (after watching Evangelion), I noticed that in the Battle Square in Gold Saucer is Unit 02 in it's magma diver suit. If you search it, it will say Unit 02 on it. The suit is located towards the back.</P>
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<P>asuka.nu站长的场合:</P><P>WHY ASUKA?; That bitch
Why make a site to Asuka? Why even LIKE EVA? There are many reasons. Asuka is my favorite female anime character. I've loved her ever since my friend first mentioned EVA to me in 1999. After watching the series, I fell in love with her character. To me, She's a very smart girl that tries to be strong and overcome her obstacles. So she doesn't have natural EVA piloting talent like Shinji, but she got to where she was through determination and promising herself that she would be someone and make people (her parents) regret treating her badly as a child. Although she falls apart later in the series, she regains her confidence once she realizes that her mom has supported her all the way and wipes out all those EVA Units with no help.

I admire Asuka's maturity and attitude on things. Although sometimes she comes off as offensive and to put it simply, a bitch, she's realistic about things. She continues to move on even with things like her mother's suicide haunting her. She's self reliant and it takes a lot to be that way. Although I can't identify myself with her exactly, there are times I can recall in my life when I have felt similarly. Especially when I first watched Eva. I watched EVA at the age of 13 and just got me to look at things different. Be more open to different solutions. However, at that age there were many things I didn't quite understand about EVA. Now that I'm 17, I appreciate EVA even more. Not just as a good thought provoking anime anymore, but an interesting beautiful uplifting as well as inspiring story. That and she's speaks German and her and Shinji are too entertaining. ;D</P>
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罗马字:Sohryu Asuka Langley
生日: 2001年12月4日
年龄: 14
血型: A
发色: Red
虹膜颜色: Navy Blue
家庭成员: Kyoko Zepplin Sohryu (Mother - Deceased), ??? Langley (Father)
血统: 1/4 Japanese; 3/4 German
最喜欢的颜色: Red
Child: Second Child
Eva: Nigouki (Unit 02)
开始驾驶年龄: 7
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